Friday, November 27, 2009

Bella's car seat strap covers

I made these because I loved the buttons. For a smaller baby I would make these with Velcro instead of buttons, for safety reasons. But Bella is 2 1/2 so she is good about not putting things in her mouth. I am going to play around and see what other patterns I can make for car seat strap covers.

Blue shell fingerless gloves

Here is another pair. I really like these too. I think I am addicted....

Rosey Ladylike Fingerless Gloves

These are my favorites! They look so ladylike when they are on.

Black twisted stitch fingerless gloves

It is hard to see the detail in these pictures, but these are so pretty. I made them using a crossed double crochet. Very classy looking.

Fingerless gloves

I have a new love...fingerless gloves! These are awesome for regular life. Now I can keep my hands warm and use my cell phone, use the ATM, get gas with the selfpay pump, rent a Redbox movie, and so on..... I never realized how useful these can be.

Slouchy blue hat

I love this hat. It can be worn as a slouchy hat or more like a beret.

Cable hat

This is the hat Natalie had on in her pictures. It looked a little big on her since it was made for an adult. But she is cute anyways....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fingerless mitts

These are great for winter! I always had a hard time with regular gloves because I had to take them off to do just about anything. This way my hands stay warm, but I can still do all the things I need to.

My first sleeveless top

I love this top. I made it during the summer.

Back view of babies

This is a great picture my friend Beth took of the girls by the pond. She took the other pictures of the girls. She is fantastic. I highly recommend her.

Allie and Natalie

Here is Allie and Natalie in the hats and ponchos I made.

Natalie in my hat and her poncho

Natalie wanted to wear my hat, so it doesn't look like it fits well. Still cute. The poncho I made for her.

Kids hat

This is sweet Isabella with a warm hat I made her. I am going to get a ribbon to put around the rim.